What makes K B SUNSPACES different?

We represent two large, well-known manufacturers: SUNSPACE SUNROOMS and ARISTOCRAT AWNINGS AND SHADE PRODUCTS from CRAFT-BILT.

Sunspaces Sunrooms has been a leader in the sunroom and four track window industry for 25 years. While perfecting the craft of designing, building, assembling and installing beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces, Team Sunspace has dedicated a lot of time and effort to research and development. Their goal was to engineer the highest quality product while establishing the most efficient manufacturing process. This dedication to bringing consumers the highest quality product at affordable prices has paid off, making Sunspace Sunroom products desirable, affordable and attractive.

When Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company founder Bud Stone started his company in the basement of an old schoolhouse in Pennsylvania in 1946, he shared a simple vision with his fellow workers. Like many American entrepreneurs returning from service in World War II, he wanted to build a business that provided a quality product, while providing a safe and secure work environment. Since then, Craft-Bilt has fulfilled that vision while growing consistently in size and product lines. Starting with Venetian Blinds in 1946 and adding the Aristocrat Awning line in 1986, Craft-Bilt and Aristocrat Awnings and Shade Products are a recognized leader and innovator in manufacturing for the home improvement industry and are proud to be named one of the best companies to work for in the industry. (US Glass Magazine, August 2001).