The fastest growing segment of our product line are the Canopies and Pergolas. A unique shade product, new and unusual, Aristocrat Retractable Canopies and Pergola Canopies are custom designed for your patio, pool area or garden. Manual or motorized, Canopies can be free-standing or attached to your house. Our top-of-the-line draped fabric slides across an aluminum frame or under a pergola. Manufactured with quality materials from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, our Canopies and Pergolas are built to your specifications. The best of both worlds – shade when it’s hot and sun when it’s not. THIS PRODUCT IS UNIQUE TO K B SUNSPACES!

The Craft-Bilt Fabric Collection:

  • All of our Awnings, Shades and Canopies are offered in our exclusive selection of outdoor fabrics from world class mills located in Spain, France and Germany, mostly Spain.
  • The use of the highest quality of materials, manufactured with meticulous care to strict quality controls, enables us to offer the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • The Northport Collection, our standard, is made of solution-dyed acrylic, not canvas or cotton, which can degrade over time. Other fabric collections, such as Sunbrella, are available.
  • Utilizing shading products, especially ones using the Craft-Bilt fabric collections, aid in the prevention of skin cancer.
  • To extend the life of the fabric, all Craft-Bilt fabrics are protected with special coatings.

All Craft-Bilt fabrics are sewn using GORE Tenara thread. Conventional threads suffer from exposure to weather and wind. Fabrics sewn with GORE Tenara thread do not deteriorate from exposure to the elements, including salt spray! We back up that statement with this, directly from our warranty: GORE TENARA SEWING THREAD AND ULTRASONIC WELDED AND GLUED SEAMS WILL NOT BE DAMAGED BY SUNLIGHT OR WATER FOR THE LIFE OF THE FABRIC WARRANTY.

Retractable Canopies

Retractable Canopies offer a flexible shade solution for your outdoor area. In addition to the overhead retractable fabric, we also offer built-in side curtains, offering privacy and even more protection from the sun and wind. There are a host of fabric choices and the dual cover option provides a truly water-resistant roof for summer rain protection. Canopies are a great option when there is not enough height for a traditional retractable awning. And they are FUN!

Retractable Pergola Canopies

All the function of our Retractable Canopy, but with rafters added for the Pergola look. Made in the USA from custom designed aluminum components, our Canopies and Pergolas come in a variety of configurations, fabrics and colors that will complement any décor. The canopy cover slides on a durable trolley system, easily operated manually or motorized. Precision made by Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, Aristocrat Canopies feature the latest advancements in technology, electronics and engineering, and are proudly MADE IN THE USA. Engineered from custom-designed aluminum components, our Canopies and Pergolas add shade where you need it, wherever you need it.

Under Pergola Canopy System

Already have a pergola? Keep out light rain and sunlight by adding our Canopy System to your existing framework. Solar shades can also be added to provide privacy, block the wind and prevent the glare of a setting sun.